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Lets work together to educate and empower children to make safe and smart choices about water safety. Teach children to swim early, read stories about water safety, and implement several safety measures in and around water in our homes and communities.



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Our Story


     On June 5, 2010, our second child, Jack, drowned in the lake in our backyard.  He was 4.5 years old.  Each adult present believed another adult had all three children.  In the shuffle of three adults going different directions on the property, somehow Jack went his own way unnoticed.  A short time later when it was discovered that he was not with his big sister and little brother as thought, a frantic phone call to a neighbor and desperate search began. The lake was not the first place checked. He knew the family rules; we had just reviewed them that very morning: always have a grown up to go to the water and always wear your life vest. It did not enter my mind that Jack would have gone down there. Tragically, the lake is where his grandfather spotted him.  CPR began immediately and continued while Jack was transported to the nearest emergency room.  Once there, the doctor and staff gave their mightiest attempt, yet Jack could not be resuscitated.  Our middle child, the life of our family, was a drowning victim, a statistic. And we were still here, wondering how this could have happened to our family.   

     Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in children ages

1-4 years old.  While our family had got some things right when it came to water safety and young children, there were things we did not know, did wrong, or didn't do, that might have prevented Jack's death.  No family ever thinks the worst will happen to them.  We strive to help ensure it doesn't happen to another child, another family.  We started the Jack Helbig Memorial Foundation, a 501c3 organization, to prevent drowning through education and awareness.




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